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Sharon Kornstein,

Sharon Kornstein, AICI, CIP from ImageDesign Consulting is your business wardrobe strategist. She will organize your wardrobe and create flattering outfits that help you get ahead.  Sharon is certified as an image professional through the Association of Image Consultants International (, and past-president of the AICI NY Chapter.

Sharon will offer professional advice on your best colors, styles and how to achieve a great fit. After working with Sharon you will find that your wardrobe is where you want it to be. She will organize your closet as if it is your own personal boutique.

Sharon does wardrobe organizing, personal shopping, online consultations and speaking. She will help you dress to make your best first impression. For more information or to schedule a free 30 minute phone call, please go to

The video transcription is below:
I’m here with Sharon Kornstein, with Image Design.

I’m a Certified Image Consultant. I’m a business wardrobe strategist and I help my clients create their perfect first impression through wardrobe, image, etiquette and attention to their nonverbal communication.

So I’ll tell you a little bit more about myself. I went to school for image consulting. I had attended FIT and then became involved in the Association for Image Consultants in New York. I was the president of the chapter for a period of time and on the board for a while so I’m a big believer in education for myself and both learning more about my clients so I can dress them authentically.

I start off with what they do, what their goals are for their profession, what they’re happy with about their wardrobe, what they’re not happy with, what issues they’re having. And then I dig even deeper because I not only want to buy clothing that’s flattering for my clients but that also feels as if they’re really expressing themselves through their wardrobe. Because otherwise you can put something on, you can get a compliment on something, but it’s not going to really be reflecting you yourself. It may just be something that’s a nice outfit. So I need to find out about my client’s personality, their values, what they like, what they don’t like, and really what they aspire to, because that’s what your wardrobe is. It reflects your aspirations, it’s maybe not where you are now but where you want to be.

This sounds a lot to me like that show that used to be on, What Not to Wear.

The difference is incredible, yes, and I find that you have to really buy into the process. But I just I don’t know, I have the feeling sometimes with the TV show that people didn’t always stick with what they were doing. My makeover is over a longer period of time, I have a process. We see what you have in your closet, we come up with a shopping list of what you need, maybe what you need now, what’s it’s going to be in six months or a year, then I do online shopping or in-person. But I’ve really been doing a lot more online shopping. And then after that we create outfits and you have a wardrobe. You know what you need to wear every day so there’s not a lot of thought involved.

I pull from many different sources and I work with people of all different budgets also, so it’s not as if you need to have a huge budget in order to look your best. I work with whatever you want to spend, and if we can’t find what you’re looking for in the store, I have access to custom manufacturers so I can get things made, I can get you whatever you need.

My husband had a session with you, we met you at Bloomingdale’s, and he was very pleased with the result, he loves the clothes that he bought with you and it was a great experience. Instead of the dull lawyer stuff that he wears every day this was for more casual wear, and he got some things that I think really reflected the fun side of his personality.

I’m glad Richard was happy because I feel I have a knack for really meeting someone and then just very quickly sizing up what they want to reflect about themselves and their clothing. So just even after a brief conversation, it could be in person, on the phone, I can pick things out for someone and it’s a really excellent feeling for me when somebody tries something on and they say ‘oh this is so fabulous but I never would have picked it out for myself’.

You’ve helped me with clothes and what I particularly love are the trunk shows types of lines that you have where nobody else has ever worn the clothes.

Right. And I’ll add I have relationships with a lot of retailers and also private label lines so if you’re looking for something unique I can find you something that no one else is going to be wearing. Or if we’re going to be shopping at the retailers I’m really familiar with the brands, I can figure out what sizes fit. I can work it out and I I’m not really a big one for sticking with one particular brand all the time, I like to mix it up so even if you have pieces that you may see in magazines or on other people in your area, the way you wear them is going to be unique, it’s not going be like just a uniform, it’s going to be your own creation which I create for you.

I can do this either online or in person, we can meet on Zoom and I can take a look at some of the outfits in your closet and I can figure out the sizing. You wouldn’t even have to measure yourself, if you try one or two things on and tell me the brand I’ll know what size you are for other brands, so we can do this either online or in-person, whatever my clients prefer.

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