Shirley Joffe

I help creative visionary entrepreneurs who are stuck in the box to get creative again.
So what I do is work with them using my proprietary system to unleash the genius inside them.
As a result, after working with me, my clients attract and close way more business, as there is now nothing holding them back, they burst with new money magnet ideas that simply flood into them, while keeping harmony in all aspects of their life.

Video Transcription:
Hi, I’m Elizabeth Gearhart here with Shirley Joffey, Quantum Creation Expert. Hi Shirley. How are you? All the way from London?

All the way from London in the UK. Lovely and sunny today.

Nice. So tell us what you do.

I help visionary women, maverick business owners, to obliterate the boxes and unlock their genius so they can expand the possibilities for their businesses, for their lives and exponentialize their results.

Wonderful. Sounds like a good plan. So who is your typical client? You have quite a few clients now. All word of mouth, right? So now you’re starting marketing.

Yeah, so typically any female business owner around 35 upwards, they’re usually the visionaries of their company. They’re the ones who carved the path for where the company is going, where the business is going. And when they come to me, they’ve hit that wall. They’ve hit the ceiling where they are banging their heads against it. They are used to having that seed of inspiration, of genius. And it’s fizzled out because they’ve just got themselves to a point now where they were creating from isn’t enough. So I help them to re-ignite and rediscover the sparks of their genius, all of those seeds and things that helped them to have the inspiration initially. And along with touching into the field of full possibility and expansion, they can use their own capacities and their geniuses to bring the essence in of the next level, the next level of possibilities, things that maybe they never even considered as part of the vision actually start to come in and in a really harmonious way. So I like them to do it easily.

How do you do that? What techniques do you use?

I’m an intuitive, I’m a psychic. I’m also a business coach, a master business coach and I have various modalities under my belt, and I’ve combined all of them into a proprietary method of working that is client led. It’s very specific to the clients for tailored work. That’s just some of the modalities that I use are, say to healing, to access consciousness. So release therapy, NLP, hypnosis, all of these techniques pulled together and using them to create quantum-up levels in all areas of their life.

Where are your clients? They’re all over the world, right?

They’re all over the world. I love working globally. And touching in with the culture in different countries and the different ways of working. One of the other modalities and passions that I have is language and behavior profile, which is very, very specific to culture, to language, to aesthetics and all of that kind of thing. So working globally is beautiful and I do it online.

And you used to travel a lot until quarantine.

I did use to travel a lot. I do many VIP days, so clients will get me over to wherever they are and then we will do a day or two days. So we’ll do like a full-on hit as it were, to really uplevel in one go. Or if they prefer they do the Zooms. I also used to have people flying into London to see me for a day in the city, which of course at the moment that’s not happening.

Some day we’ll get back to normal. So what happens to somebody who works with you? How long does the process take? A few months or a few meetings? What happens in their life then after they’ve worked with you for a while?

So the first thing I tend to find is that they feel so much more space and ease that they’re able to unwind from all the stress and anxiety that they’ve had up until that point. So first we generally get into a rest period and that’s where the juices of creativity start to percolate. They start to lift and come up and then they get more drive, a lot more drive for things. So where they may have been irritable towards family and friends, that stops. Judgments on different parts of their lives, stops. They notice that they are being flooded with opportunities that just drop in so they don’t have to push to get stuff. Opportunities just land in their laps. The other byproduct, which is a beautiful byproduct, is most of my clients manifest cash without working. So then they can focus on their work and have money just flowing. So I had recently I’ve been working with, I have a group and we did some cash intentions and people were reporting three grand, four grand a week coming in just from unexpected places without any conditions or limitations, which was beautiful. And that also brings out the ease for your life because once you can see that the universe is flowing, then you have a bit more ease to what you’re doing. And then the ideas come through. We go through to implementation. So I generally, I will work either six weeks, 12 weeks or six months, and then some people have me on retainer. But those are generally the package scales that I have depending on the intensity that someone wants to work. And by the end there is always an integration and an up-level. We are aiming for that up-level. I am specific. And I always do come at the lowest denominator or greater. So it’s always aiming for whatever we can not imagine.

So what’s the name of your company again?

The Quantum Uplevel.

So that’s it. The Uplevel, you’re always going for that quantum leap.

Essentially. Yeah. That’s what we do. And also being happy with where we are at the same time because when we’re always looking forward sometimes we lose the magic and the bliss of where we are.

Yes. Well, is there anybody else that does this? I’ve never heard of this before. It seems like you’re the only one.

Well, many people work on results. They work on lifting out all of the beliefs. They work on limitations. Now, of course, that’s a big part of it. However, my aim is very forward looking and it is very much bringing in what isn’t in existence now. So hence why I work with the visionaries. It’s those people who dare to dream, who dare to think, “well, it hasn’t been done. Why not? How can it be done?” That’s the type of people who come to me, because I’ll literally blow out their boxes. If they’re working from a box that’s gone. And allowing them to feel safe and comfortable in that space where there is uncertainty and nothingness to create.

Yes. Because a lot of times when you do come up with something totally new, there’ll be many, many people saying, no, you can’t do that. Don’t do that.

Totally. I had lots of people saying to me, it’s not possible to just manifest money. You can’t just bring it out of nowhere. And I’m like, well, why not? Money’s energy, which we should be able to materialize. And I spent ages working on this to actually get to that point. What are the key ingredients that allow someone to do that? And there are people who do that. There are people who do that naturally. So by doing a lot of modeling, part of my NLP master work is modeling. So I went in and I modeled the thoughts, the energy of these people that would just, they call it like the Midas touch. Those sort of people. So what is it that makes them tick and how can we bring in our own version of it? So not being a copy but our own version of that.

Well, and I have to agree that money is energy and it flows. And so how do you get that energy to flow to you? Sounds like you have the secret.

Yeah. And also not being attached. That’s a big part of it. Knowing that it is ebb and flow and knowing that you will always have what you, not just what you need but plenty for everything that you desire.

Well that sounds wonderful. Where do I sign up?

Come along to the website.

Okay, so you have a website, you’re also on Facebook, right? Anywhere else?

Facebook. I’m on Facebook. I do have a YouTube channel called the Quantum Uplevel so you can subscribe there. And I’ve got lots of little snippets of videos of various pieces of work that I do. The website is called the and I offer introductory sessions for people who want to just get a flavor. And on the website you can, there’s a button to book a consultation. So I do look for people who are actually serious about being committed to this.

Yes, absolutely. So is there anything else that people should know about this?

I think the key is if you’re interested, get on my Facebook, get a flavor of what I do because I do lots of free stuff as well. Get a flavor of it. And then if you want to move further, then just contact me, we’ll book in a consultation and see where we can go from that, from there. Because it’s something that is super fun as well. That’s the other thing. I’m not ultra serious. I’m really fun. And I’ll bring in everything that’s required. Whatever it takes, we will use.

Thank you. Shirley. This is Shirley Joffey.


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