Who needs IDSeal?

Oh really everybody. You know you would think it would be just for adults but actually the criminals are looking at the kids too even the babies from the moment they’re born up until the moment we die everybody needs ID Seal.

So they’re trying to steal our identities?

Steal our social, in 2017 over a million children had their identities stolen. It costs families over five hundred million dollars to try to restore the reputation

How do they get it?

Well you know there’s a place called the dark web have you ever heard about it?

I’ve heard I’ve never been there.

Guys and gals, they call them black hats, they work in the dark web and they just steal our identities right left. Have you ever been to Starbucks and you’ve gone on that public Wi-Fi and it literally is like opening your door up to your computer and your identity.

I have not done that but a lot of people do.

Right. When you use public Wi-Fi, they’re very, very sharp these guys, they know what they’re talking about.

So what do you do with ID seal then that helps people avoid this?

I mean you don’t want it to happen in the first place you want to catch it before . You know
what it is, is really as an insurance. What we’re doing is we’re looking after your identity and making sure that the passwords and your emails and all of the data for you lines up to you and not lines up to somebody else. So that’s what we’re really doing.

I guess you use algorithms.

Yes it’s state of the art and we have the dark web monitored, every sort of portal the black hats are looking at.

What happens if somebody tries to use one of my passwords or my email?

Our monitoring service will catch that and then we’ll send you an immediate alert so you’re not worrying about it or thinking about it . You wouldn’t even know where to look but the experts and the systems and the algorithms are watching that for you.

How do I get the alert, text or email?

It comes in an email, you get the email that somebody’s tried to hack into your account or use your email.

What’s the next step?

There’s actually a resolution that you need to do and the resolution steps are outlined in the email. You can either go into the account and change your password or you can contact our customer support center, whatever the right next step is that’s outlined.

It sounds a little complicated to set up because I’m sitting here thinking I’m going to have to find all this data and put it all in. So do I have to sit there with a YouTube video and try to figure out how to do it?

I’ll sit down with you and actually it’s just your wallet . You just bring your wallet and everything that’s in your wallet is really your identity. That plus your passport and that’s
about it.

So you sit down with us.

Or I’ll do it for you ,you just call out your
numbers and we put it right in.

Wow that’s customer service.

We’re here to please you, make it easy for you.

So then what happens if I don’t notice the email alert and they continue using my account?

What I would say is for that part of the services that you do have to monitor your email. We deliver the information to you but then you have to take that next step. So it’s not an all-in-one service but you are part of it interactively.

Would you be able to tell if somebody kept using it that was the wrong person using it?

Absolutely a hundred percent.

Then you might get another email saying they’re still doing it and you can always go and check your account all your alerts are there. You’re either going to check your account or you’ll get the email alert. Either way you’ll know. So you’ll get that email and it’s a bit like not checking your bank balance, it’s a similar thing.

I checked mine one morning and there was a two thousand dollar charge on there from the Apple Store.

So someone had taken your credit card number.

Had I had your alert system I probably would have known sooner even.

Yes and not only that but we have up to a million dollars of insurance how about that?

That’s nice.

It really comes in handy and also the time and effort. We have a great customer service team and they will do a lot of that legwork for you so you’re going to save your time and you could be doing the things that you need to be doing, and not running around trying to fix your identity.
And they know what to do and they know how to do it. They know how to talk to the people because they do it every day.

It sounds like a fantastic product.

It really is. I love it. I didn’t really think about it myself, once I was introduced to it I thought okay, I’ll give it a try and I’ve been so happy that I did. And I’m very happy to share with
everyone else.

How do people find you if they want to get this or just want to talk to you?

They can come to my website it’s actually Main Street Wealth that’s www.MainStreetWealth.acnibo.com

Valerie it’s been wonderful.

Thanks so much for having me.

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